Draft Plan

Both draft Plans are the same.  Choose the format that works best for you. 

Draft Plan - April 2021; PDF file 36 MB

Draft Plan Comments  -  Comments received during the 60-day review and how they were addressed. File format PDR or Microsoft Excel.

What's Next

The Public Hearing regarding the draft Plan and the comments received during the 60-day review was held May 3, 2021. No further comments were offered during the Public Hearing. Read the Public Hearing Minutes. 


The draft Plan was approved for submittal to the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) by Two Rivers Watershed District Board, Kittson and Roseau County Boards, Kittson and Roseau SWCD Boards. 


On June 2, the draft Plan was presented virtually before the BWSR North Committee and was approved. The Plan got final approval by the full BWSR Board on June 23. 

Currently, Kittson and Roseau County Boards and Kittson and Roseau SWCD Boards are going through the process of adopting the new Plan and entering into Plan Implementation Phase. 

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