Policy Committee

Rick Siksorski - Two Rivers Watershed District

Joe Wilebski - Kittson SWCD 

Leon Olson - Kittson County

Landon Olson - Roseau SWCD

Daryl Wicklund - Roseau County

The primary role of the Policy Committee is to make final decisions about the content of the plan and its approval and submittal to the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR).

Advisory  Committees

Citizens Advisory Committee

The Citizen Advisory Committee is made up of voluntary members. All names listed below are tentative until confirmation.

Justin Dagen - Rural Citizen, Karlstad

Chuck Dziengel - Soybean Growers Association, Kennedy

Kris Folland - Rural Citizen, Halma

Doug Green - Rural Citizen, Greenbush

Roger Green - Friends of Lake Bronson SP, Greenbush

Lance Hapka - Rural Citizen, Halma

Shayne Isane - Rural Citizen, Badger

Murray Jacobson - Rural Citizen, Greenbush

Vern Langaas - Rural Citizen, Karlstad

Mark Larson - Rural Citizen, Lancaster

Anita Locken - City of Greenbush, Greenbush

Harold Moose - Rural Citizen, Donaldson

Todd Nordine - North Kittson Rural Water

Justin Osowski - Rural Citizen, Hallock

Jim Rinde - City of Badger, Badger

Shane Stewart - Joe River Watershed District

Ed Walsh - Rural Citizen, Badger


Technical Advisory Committee

J.T. Anderson - MN Dept of Transportation

Jeremy Benson - Kittson SWCD

Dan Disrud - MN Dept of Health

Annette Drewes - DNR - Ecological 

Jonathan Eerkes - Nature Conservancy

Kathy Fillmore - Natural Resources Conservation Service

Matt Fischer - Board of Water and Soil Resources

Ruth Anne Franke - DNR  - Wildlife

Chuck Fritz - International Water Institute

Susan Grafstrom - Roseau Emergency Management

Danni Halvorson - International Water Institute

Scott Johnson - Roseau SWCD

Glen Kajewski - MN Dept of Agriculture

Stephanie Klamm - DNR - Hydrologist

Brian Ketring - Roseau County

Keith Klegstad - Kittson County

Danielle Kvasager - MN Pollution Control Agency

Janine Lovold - Roseau SWCD

Jenilynn Marchand - MN Dept of Health

Grit Mae - International Water Institute

Dan Money - Two Rivers Watershed District

Lane Nordin - Kittson County

Scot Olson - Kittson Emergency Management

Jamie Osowski - Kittson SWCD

Jeff Pelowski - Environmental Services

Carrie Raber - MN Dept of Health

Jim Schwab - Natural Resources Conservation Service

Matt Skoog - MN DNR Fisheries

Henry Van Offelen - Board of Water and Soil Resources

Membership on the Advisory Committee consist of members from the Steering Team, other local government staff, the state's main water agencies and/or plan review agencies, the general public, trade organization, non-profit organizations and special interest groups. Leaders within the local community are valued members of the Advisory Committee.

The purpose of an Advisory Committee is to make recommendations on the Plan and the Targeted Implementation Schedule to the Policy Committee, including identification of priority resources, priority concerns, and issues affecting the priority concern.

Steering Team

Dan Money - Two Rivers Watershed District

Jeremy Benson - Kittson SWCD

Jamie Osowski - Kittson SWCD

Heather Donoho - Kittson SWCD

Lane Nordin - Kittson County

Janine Lovold - Roseau SWCD

Scott Johnson - Roseau SWCD

Matt Fischer- Board of Waters and Soil Resources

The Steering Team (ST) is comprised of local staff, local water planners, local watershed staff, and local SWCD staff for the purposes of logistical and day-to-day decision-making in the planning process.


Members of the ST are responsible for providing information needed for the planning process, reviewing and accepting draft plan related information, and assisting in Plan development. Identification of  priority resources, priority concerns, and issues affecting the priority concerns for their specific county is also the responsibility of the ST.

The ST is in charge of putting together the draft and final Plan.

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