Board and Team

Joint Powers Board

Joe Wilebski, Andrew Muir - Kittson SWCD 

Leon Olson, Theresia Gillie - Kittson County

Landon Olson, John Gaukerud - Roseau SWCD

Daryl Wicklund, Roger Falk - Roseau County

Steering Team

Dillon Hayes - Kittson County

Jeremy Benson - Kittson SWCD

Justin Muller - Kittson SWCD

Lane Nordin - Kittson County

Janine Lovold - Roseau SWCD

Scott Johnson - Roseau SWCD

Matt Fischer- Board of Water and Soil Resources

Henry Van Offlen - Board of Water and Soil Resources

The Steering Team (ST) is comprised of local government staff and regional BWSR staff. Local government staff is responsible for logistical and day-to-day tasks of carrying out the implementation process.